ADS sample preparation system
ADS - System for preparing samples for spectral analysis of the HotBlock type.

The system is designed to prepare samples by their decomposition in an acid solution medium, when exposed to high temperature, followed by analysis by atomic absorption, optical and mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma.
The basis of the ADS system is a teflon-coated graphite block heater. The block is enclosed in a heat-insulated case, and during operation it is closed with plates with installed test tubes, which excludes contact of personnel with heated parts.

The system is controlled from an external controller, which can be located outside the fume hood, which facilitates the control of the decomposition process and minimizes the impact of acid vapors on the electronic components of the system.

Spectromart's ADS devices are highly configurable systems. The control unit of the ADS system, depending on the tasks of the user, can be 1, 2, 3, 4-channel, which allows you to connect to it, respectively, 1, 2, 3, 4 graphite blocks with independent temperature control of each of them.
The standard configuration of each of the connected heating blocks can be any:
volume of test tubes - 50 or 100 ml;
the number of installed test tubes - for 50 ml - 18, 36;
for 100 ml - 8, 16.

Thus, it is possible to combine blocks for 50 ml and 100 ml tubes with simultaneous independent operation of these blocks. The maximum number of test tubes installed in one standard system can reach 144 pieces for 50 ml, 64 pieces for 100 ml.
Scope of acid decomposition systems

  • Geology and metallurgy - decomposition of samples of ores and products of their processing, rocks, metals and alloys
  • Ecology - decomposition of soils, bottom sediments and evaporation of water
  • Food industry - incomplete mineralization of fats for the extraction of toxic elements
  • Chemical industry - decomposition of fertilizers, control of plastics and ultra-pure substances

Acidic digestion at atmospheric pressure is an affordable and inexpensive alternative to the microwave digestion system, but much more convenient to use.
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