Vibrodispenser for microbalance Spectromart VD-01
Manual electric dispenser for accurate dosing of loose substances Spectromart VD-01 is designed for loose samples of powders prone to coagulation, caking and sticking.

The dispenser is a cylindrical structure (case) made of a metal profile with a built-in electromagnetic motor equipped with a shaft with a displaced center of gravity. Built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3700 mAh with the possibility of multiple charging from an external power source 5V, 500 mAh and a micro usb (type-b) connection.

The vibratory doser has interchangeable nozzles made of stainless steel, which allow dosing of various types and structures of bulk samples.

There is an indication on the back side of the vibration dispenser. The blue light of the indicator indicates the autonomous operation of the device, the red light of the indicator indicates the connection of the power cable to the device.
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