Semi-automatic sampling system INERT acid resistant HF (hydrofluoric acid) Spectromart SM-22
The SM-22 semi-automatic sample feeding system was developed by our Spectromart design bureau and manufactured by our company, as a domestic system, it is fully adaptive to foreign devices manufactured by Agilent Technologies
How it works
The SM-22 sample injection system allows you to control the operation of the spectrometer from a computer using only the mouse, without excluding the operator from the measurement process, which is really important for critical analyzes, such as the determination of precious metals in geological samples, the analysis of environmental samples of soils and surface waters, and samples of petroleum products .

A big plus of the system is the ease of management and constant monitoring by the operator.

Many analytical chemists do not prefer to use expensive foreign-made autosamplers, since constant monitoring during analysis avoids many errors, which eliminates the additional cost of re-analyzing a batch of samples.
To mount the SM-22 instrument on atomic absorption spectrometers AA240, AA55B, 240FS, 280FS, a special bracket has been developed that can be easily mounted on the spectrometer without additional tools.
The carousel, rotary mechanism and sampler are made of completely chemically inert materials fluoroethylene (fluorine plastics) and carbon fiber (carbon fiber).
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