Sample preparation and concentration device for biological samples Spectromart V-phase 03
Concentration and vaporization prior to subsequent chromatographic analysis.

— The presence of a heating device with a temperature controller
— Indication of the selected temperature (seven-sigment electronic indicator)
— Temperature sampling range: from 30°С to 150°С
— Temperature setting accuracy: no more than ± 1°С
— Possibility to change the heating rate
— The presence of an alarm
— Heating timer in the range: from 1 second to 100 hours
— Availability of an interface for communication with a computer RS-485 (for entering the temperature setpoint, viewing the heating parameters and changing them)
— Vial holders with the possibility of sampling the headspace without opening the vial
— Three-position solid-state graphite heating block
— Containers for sample preparation - glasses made of heat-resistant glass with a volume of 500 ml (3 pcs.)
— Three-position tripod system for attaching holders
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