Prefabricated passage post for disinfection Spectromart PP-1
Principle of operation: the sensor is triggered by the passage of a person through the zone of his control and a command is given to supply a disinfectant solution.

On each side of the "corridor" there are systems of nozzles (High-efficiency nozzle (sprayer) - own development of the company "Spectromart."), creating a cloud of fine aerosol, moving through which provides effective disinfection of the "human surface" (clothes, open areas of the body, shoes).
How it works
Microbiological monitoring of the post (model PP-1) was carried out by an accredited Testing Laboratory Center of the Joint Stock Company “Management Company “Scientific and Technological Park in the Field of Biotechnology”.

The efficiency of the post PP-1, depending on the height of sampling: from 85 to 98%!
Thanks to the cellular structure of the floor covering, the soles of the shoes are also disinfected.

The sprayer's operating time is adjusted depending on the model of the post (depends on the flow of visitors, the geometric dimensions of the room, etc.).

Currently, several models of the post are installed in the Novosibirsk Regional Clinical Hospital in the locks between the "red" and "yellow" zones, between the "yellow" and "clean" zones.
Assembled at the installation site by 1-2 specialists within 2-3 hours. All parts are standard, which allows scaling production for any volume.
To ensure operation, 1-2 noiseless oil-free air compressors are required (depending on the flow of people passing by) with a capacity of 160 to 240 l / min and a receiver of 24 liters depending on the human flow, connection to a 220 V network - 2 - 3 sockets.

One filling of the system (12 l) is designed for a minimum of 300 operations. It is possible to connect a tank of additional volume, while replenishing the system occurs automatically without human intervention.

For example, an additional tank with a volume of 20 l - increases the number of system activations up to 800. The disinfection post can have a color system of “traffic light” operating modes to ensure correct uninterrupted passage by people.
The system is designed for installation indoors, including shopping centers, for the passage of customers with carts.
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