General fume hood
A general purpose fume hood consists of two parts: a frame base (with the possibility of installing a cabinet for storage), and an exhaust dome with two dependent lifting screens and side walls made of armored glass.


Bottom part:
  • Collapsible frame frame made of a metal profile of rectangular section
  • Adjustable feet
  • Service panel made of aluminum profile with emergency power off (16A/230V), switch and two splash-proof sockets (3.2 kW, IP54) .
Top part:
  • Vertical racks made of aluminum profile, intended for the movement of counterweights of lifting screens in them
  • Inner exhaust screen made of polypropylene, providing two-level exhaust
Work surface of the user's choice:
  • Lifting mechanism for screens with counterweights
  • Luminescent lamp, dustproof
  • Flange for connection to the ventilation system
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