Entry of measuring equipment into the register
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Development of design documentation for measuring and laboratory equipment, as well as work on the manufacture of prototypes of measuring instruments, attachments, systems for introducing samples into analytical instruments
Opportunities of Spectromart
  • 1
    Development and production of non-standard equipment
    Development and production of non-standard equipment in the field of light and precision engineering.
    Development and production of single and non-standard equipment for such areas as medicine, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical production, environmental protection.
  • 2
    Reverse engineering
    Reverse engineering of rare, expensive or obsolete equipment.
    Inspection, measurement of the equipment, if necessary, dismantling and disassembly.
    Creation of drawings in a form convenient for the Customer. If necessary, assistance in placing an order with a third-party enterprise, supervising the production and testing stages.
  • 3
    Creation of design and operational documentation
    Creation of a set of design and operational documentation for the product.
    Designing, as well as updating outdated drawings, followed by the execution of all necessary design documentation and documentation, to launch the product into mass production at a third-party enterprise.
  • 4
    Room planning
    Planning of premises for the organization of laboratories, production lines for pharmaceutical, medical and research institutions.
    Removing the dimensions of the room, planning or redevelopment of existing interior partitions.
    Selection of furniture and laboratory equipment, their placement in the planned room in an optimal way, taking into account the movement of samples, samples, consumables and personnel. Thus, the speed of work increases, and comfortable conditions for the staff are created.
To accomplish these tasks, Spectromart has all the necessary resources:
  • Design department
    Equipped with a modern software and computing system that allows not only to develop a product, but also to carry out the necessary list of tests through computer simulation, without creating a physical sample of the product, thus saving the Customer's money and time resources
  • Experienced production
    Equipped with a machine park that allows the production of single samples for pilot testing, as well as the manufacture of products for individual orders
  • Ability to manufacture large batches of products
    Due to a flexible system of outsourcing and a proven base of suppliers of materials and equipment
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