Chromatographic stand Spectromart LC
How it works
In modern laboratories with a large sample flow, there is often a lack of working space for installing analytical equipment. This is especially true for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

The devices have a modular design and require periodic access to their various units.

Spectromart solved this problem and, at the request of numerous HPLC users, designed and created a mobile universal chromatographic stand.
Thanks to the presence of a swivel arm for the monitor on the rack and the possibility of placing a control station (PC), the instrument now takes up much less space in the laboratory.

There was a possibility of quick access to any of the chromatograph blocks without dismantling the entire "tower".

Also, it is possible to transport the rack together with the installed liquid chromatograph to another workplace without much effort.
Distinctive features
— Installation of a chromatographic complex with the possibility of movement and independent access to each unit of the system.
— Possibility of simultaneous placement of a liquid chromatograph and a personal computer.
- Possibility to adjust the position of the shelves in height.
- The location of the monitor on a special swivel bracket of the stand.
— Retractable working table for the operator to work while sitting.
— Availability of attachment points for the ventilation probe.
— Possibility of completing the rack with an air recirculation system and maintaining a microclimate.
— Possibility of placing a drain tank with a volume of 20 liters directly in a functional stand.
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